Dog Food Hunting? FirstMate Pet Foods Delivers Quality Cat & Dog Food Products

Integrity breeds quality, as seen in all FirstMate pet food products. From the signature dry dog food that made them famous to various nutritious canned pet food offerings, FirstMate Pet Foods delivers. Wait, we’ll do that part.  

How FirstMate Dry Dog Food First Got Its Leg Up

We love a good story, and it doesn’t get more local than this. A small BC fishing operation producing high-protein salmon feed for area farmers knew it stumbled onto something when its salmon feed quickly became the ultimate feast for the dogs guarding the farms, and the talk of the town. Hey, 10 out of 10 tail-wagging dogs can’t be wrong, right? With its focus shifting to producing the best pet on the market, FirstMate Pet Foods was born.

Dog Food, Cat Food, FirstMate Pet Foods Are Filler Free

Limited ingredients and grain free products make animal digestion easier. Grain, gluten and pea freeFirstMate Pacific Ocean Fish Original dry dog food combines wild herring, anchovies, and sardines from BC waters, processed independently in a private facility for complete oversight. 

Packed with vitamins and minerals and rounded out with potato and tomato, this iconic formula is just one of the many nourishing dog food options available – and the canned dog food, various cat foods and chewy treats are just as good. 

Not to mention, the VP of FirstMates Pet Foods is a veterinarian, pet nutritionist and pet owner, too.

FirstMate Pet Foods Customer Reviews

Customer ratings don’t lie. FirstMate Pet Foods is a globally trusted brand offering top rated foods that meet all dietary requirements for your first mate, from puppies and kittens to adult animals and aging pets. 

Every step of the way, FirstMate dog food and FirstMate cat food is designed, sourced and manufactured to be the most natural and nutritious pet food on the market, ideal for pets with allergies and diet restrictions, too. 

Read our customer reviews and trust FirstMate Pet Foods’ family-owned and operated business to offer only the highest quality pet food your dogs and cats will love.