Air New Zealand Puts an End to Boring Safety Videos – Again

Fasten your seat belts! The cheeky marketing department at one of our favourite airlines have struck again. Over the past few years, Air New Zealand’s creative take on in-flight safety videos have become legendary and their latest offering is no different, adding another notch of hilarity to their belt.

This time, the airline takes the show to Hollywood, starring the ever-funny Kiwi actor/comedian Rhys Darby and American spoof-queen Anna Farris. In the short film-like commercial, the couple try their best to come up with a story line for a safety video that passengers would actually watch, moving through various roles and cinematic genres, while real-life Air New Zealand flight attendants smartly sprinkle safety tips in the background.

‘Safety in Hollywood’ again pokes fun at how bland and boring most airline safety videos are and is the latest in a slew of innovative adverts that, in the past, have featured the All Blacks rugby team and Middle-earth of The Hobbit fame, among others.

Bravo, Air New Zealand, you have outdone yourselves yet again. But please don’t stop – keep the laughs coming!