Acana Pet Food is a Can O’ Canada Goodness

Those who know, and not just our furry friends, trust ACANA to deliver premium pet food packed with everything cats and dogs need to live a happy and healthy life. 

Born in the Alberta farmlands, ACANA is Canadian-made pet food you can rely on, with generations of experience and expertise in sourcing quality ingredients to craft its famous recipes from its award-winning Edmonton kitchen. Their astringent track and trace system ensures strict quality control at all levels of production.

ACANA pet food goes the extra mile by going beyond the first ingredient, carefully sourcing everything. From using only free-run chicken, turkey and quail farms and ethical bison and cattle ranchers to local fishers focused on sustainability, everything that goes into your pet’s meal meets high-grade standards. Pretty cool, eh?


From nutritious puppy kibble to healthy options for senior dogs, all ACANA dry dog food products contain at least 50% raw animal ingredients, balanced with whole fruits and vegetables with added vitamins, minerals, probiotics and only natural preservatives. No filler here, folks. ACANA recipes never include unhealthy additives like soy, wheat, corn or tapioca. Chew on that!

And that goes for all ACANA wet dog foods, too. Premium Chunks, available in beef, lamb, pork, duck or poultry, all in a hearty bone broth, are top sellers, providing a protein-rich meal that will quickly disappear. Got a new family member? Try the new ACANA puppy wet food formula to help build a strong and healthy dog.

ACANA knows that not all dogs were created equal in their nutritional needs and has a strict leave no dog behind mentality, providing a wide range of dietary options. Like ACANA’s Sport & Agility formula, packing 75% meat protein to keep them in top form. Does your dog have digestive sensitivities? Try the Pacifica gluten-free recipe and watch them thrive. 

Choose from kibble specifically designed for small or large size breeds, as well as puppy, junior, adult and senior dog blends to maintain your best friend’s optimal health throughout their life.


Cat owners know that as much as cats love routine, they need variety, especially when it comes to cat food. With a range of textures and flavours, the new ACANA Small Prey range of premium dry cat food has your finicky feline covered. 

Start your kitten off with First Feast, a nutritious first dry cat food for youngsters, with 70% small prey animal in healthy ratios of meat, organs, cartilage and bone, just like nature intended. The Indoor Entrée will quickly become a favourite, made with free-run chicken and turkey, rabbit, whole herring and chickpeas, among other natural nutrients. For cats on a gluten-free diet, ACANA Grasslands features grass-fed lamb, free-run turkey and duck, cage-free eggs and wild-caught northern pike, all from western Canada. 

Then, whet your cat’s appetite with ACANA’s classic wet food recipes. Each in a rich bone broth, this Premium Pâté contains 85% quality animal ingredients in lamb, beef, chicken, salmon and tuna, and is hard to keep in stock. We suggest you order in bulk, right meow.


ACANA pet food has become a staple in fine pet food shops across Canada for a reason. Synonymous with quality, Champion Petfoods, makers of ACANA and Orijen, has been committed to creating nutritious cat and dog food from the very start and it shows. Simply check their star rating or read any cat or dog food review and you are bound to find ACANA and Orijen rated as some of the best pet foods available on the market today. Set up your delivery with Naturally Urban now!